Pursue higher education in Economics, Law, or Psychology at one of Moscow's top universities.

Pursue higher education in Economics, Law, or Psychology at one of Moscow's top universities.

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The main goal of the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) is to prepare highly qualified specialists capable of making significant contributions to the development of science, culture, small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, and society as a whole. IIER actively collaborates with leading Russian and foreign universities, as well as with top companies and organizations, providing students and graduates with unique opportunities for professional growth and career development.


  • The Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) was established in 1995 with the vision of creating a modern higher education institution that harmonizes academic freedom with high educational standards.
  • Founded by Anatoly Bogomolov, the institute aimed to cultivate an intellectual environment where students participate in coursework, research, and innovative projects.
  • With a team of highly qualified faculty and strategic collaborations with leading domestic and international universities and companies, IIER has achieved substantial success.
  • Its primary mission is to prepare professionals who make significant contributions to the advancement of science, culture, small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, and society as a whole.


We issue a state diploma and two international diplomas.

Established in 1995.

Our graduates have an Upper Intermediate level of English.

Our faculty includes distinguished scholars, experienced business trainers, and owners of federal companies.



The Economics faculty at the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) offers a diverse array of disciplines for study. Within the "Economics" program, students are exposed to a comprehensive range of subjects, including international trade, accounting, English language, macroeconomics, microeconomics, management, and marketing.

These courses equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to master key aspects of economic activity and prepare them for future careers in the fields such as economics, business, and management.


The Management faculty offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of disciplines essential for successful management. Courses in decision-making methods, taxation, management theory, foreign trade organization, English language, financial accounting, and economics provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership and management in modern business.

Business Informatics

The Business Informatics faculty provides students with extensive knowledge and skills in modern information technologies and their practical application in business. Courses cover a wide range of topics including project management in IT companies, business analytics, programming, website development, IT auditing, and database creation. These courses prepare students for diverse professional roles such as project managers, analysts, programmers, and developers in the dynamic field of business informatics.

State and municipal administration

The International Economic Relations curriculum is designed in such a way that graduates will be able to apply their knowledge not only in the public sphere, but also in any area of ​​the economy where quality management is required. The program is designed in such a way as to develop in students both personal and professional qualities: the ability to work in a team, creativity, the ability to defend their point of view, stress resistance.

International activities

International Activities - a key component of the educational process at IIER, aimed at the internationalization of education and enhancing collaboration with leading global universities. Through international activities, students at IIER are provided with diverse opportunities such as establishing partnerships with foreign universities, engaging in international academic mobility programs, pursuing internships abroad, and securing scholarships for educational purposes. Additionally, students can participate in international events and contribute to the development of new educational programs with foreign partners, including those involving distance learning. This strategic focus serves to promote the quality of education overseas and foster productive collaborations with universities from BRICS and SCO countries.

Research Activity

We engage in multidisciplinary research across various educational programs, integrating scientific findings into the educational framework and applying research outcomes in practical educational settings. Furthermore, we actively take part in international and national conferences, contributing to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and sharing experiences in contemporary educational technologies. Our scientific work also involves leading research commissioned by government, commercial, and non-profit organizations.


The Institute employs highly qualified faculty members.

Yulia Bogomolova

Yulia Bogomolova

Ph.D., Rector of IIER

Elena Bakaldina

Elena Bakaldina

Head of the Department of Economics, Management, and Law

Natalia Potemkina

Natalia Potemkina

Vice-Rector for Educational and Upbringing Work

Irina Shishova

Irina Shishova

Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics

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